A celabrational Seminar Nov 2nd 2013

November 2nd 2013
November 2nd 2013

Oh yes a celebration of the devotion to Aikido.

In November we will host a seminar in order to celebrate 40 years of Aikido for Sensei Tony sergeant and 20 years of Aikido for Sensei Andy channer.

Both Sensei's will give teaching.

Class breakdown to follow soon.

Takemusu Iwama Aikido Europe 
South Coast Aikido Club 

November 2nd 2013 10am-5pm (registration 9am-9.45am)

We are delighted to announce that we will be hosting a joint anniversary Day seminar to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Sensei Tony Sargeant 6th Dan and the 20th year anniversary
Of Sensei Andy Channer 2nd Dan 

Cost £30 on day - £25 if paid by PayPal 

All organisations are welcome and all levels
Contact : Info@southcoastaikidoclub.co.uk

Regards Sensei Andy Dojo Cho South Coast Aikido Club

Book here via PayPal

All are welcome.

24 March 2013

Remembering Sensei Tim The Founder Of Southcoast Aikido

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Many thanks to all that attended the Sensei Tim Buswell remembrance seminar.

Sensei Mat Hill Demonostrated his teachings in knife defence.

An amazing day was had by all.

01 January 2013